Tired of pricking your fingers for a drop of blood?

KETONIX® is a reusable device that indicates ketones in your breath. This  enables you to measure throughout the day with no extra costs or blood samples.

By knowing your ketosis you will be able to find out how your fat-burning is affected by different lifestyle changes.

The KETONIX software enables you to log and view your measures and enable you to make lifestyle changes based upon what works for you!

A way to use the data from your daily measures is to create a baseline, read more about baseline use here ....

Having a high breath ketone concentration will produce more blood ketones.



​KETONIX® is a Non Invasive Class I Medical Device, registered at FDA (US) and Läkemedelsverket (SE).
KETONIX® is a Registered Trademark in US, Australia, Europe and other countries.
Ketonix AB is a Swedish Registered Company - VAT SE556443379401

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