The worlds first reusable breath ketone analyzer!

The Ketonix product can measure your body production of ketones (ketosis, the fat burn process) in your breath and is an excellent alternative/combination to other methods such as urine strips or blood samples.

The Ketonix has a one time cost and is simple to use. It has never been easier to see if you are producing ketones!

Whats the advantage of using Ketonix instead of urine strips and/or blood ketone meters?

  • Urine strips indicate the excess concentration of acetoacetate in the urine. Ketonix indicates the acetone in your breath . Acetone is produced from the breakdown of acetoacetate in blood. Measurement units are not the same, the concentration of acetoacetate in blood is higher due to less volume (higher density) and is typically measured in mmol/l. The concentration of acetone in breath is lower due to much more volume (lower density) and is measured in PPM. Again, urine strips measures acetoacetate in urine, blood meters measures beta-hydroxybutyrate in blood and Ketonix measures acetone in breath (air).
  • Urine strips can only be used once. Ketonix is reusable and can be used over and over again.
  • Urine strips show a historical value of the excess production. Ketonix shows a real-time value of whats in the blood right now!
  • Urine strips tests need urine and somewhere to do the test. You can perform tests using Ketonix wherever you can access a powered USB port. We don't recommend using Ketonix in vehichles (or in any motion).
  • Urine strips need to be disposed. Ketonix should be stored in the bag that was included with the product.
  • Urine strips cost per test. Ketonix is a one-time investment!
  • Blood ketone meters measures beta-hydroxybutyrate in blood, not acetoacetate or acetone.
  • Blood ketone measure requires strips which are expensive
  • Blood ketone measure sometimes fails and cost you twice!
  • Blood ketone meter values differ between devices, even when it is the same model and brand.
  • Blood values are measured in mmol/l, and gas ranges in PPM. This is of course due to the higher density of blood than air. Therefore the blood ketone concentration if beta-hydroxybutyrate is not the same as the concentration of acetone in breath. Just as the concentration of acetoacetate in urine is not the same as concntration of beta-hydroxybutyrate in blood.

As always, we do not take any responsibility for your usage of Ketonix. You should always consult your doctor/dietician before changing/experimenting with your diet!

In AppStore you could download the Ketonix app to calculate your ketogenic diet ratio!


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