Analysis, Basic Upgrade Step 1

Analysis - Basic Upgrade Step 1
Upgrade your Basic to have Professional functionality, this software module gives you access to all functionality within Measure and Analysis.
The Analysis upgrade unlocks Sync and Data tabs.
Synchronize can be done to and from your account on
You can also export a date range of values to a csv file (for import to a spreadsheet).
Measure tab with unlocked add data and markers tabs.
You can add body measures.
You can add blood values.
You can add exercise data.
You can log food macros.
In the Marker tab you find different marker calculators.
Example of marker is BMI body mass index.
Analysis extended preset ranges.
Analysis custom ranges.
Select an additional variable to compare with.
A chart with two variables.
A chart with two variables and a trendline.

Analysis - Basic Upgrade Step 1

This software upgrade module gives you access to all functionality within Measure and Analysis.

Install it by doing a "Change Device Registration" again, using same account you purchased it with.

In the Measure tab, you can log body measures, blood values, exercise data and food macros.

You also get access to the "Markers" menu which (for the moment) contains Body Fat Calculation and Body Mass Index.


In the Analysis tab you will now have more "Presets" and "Custom" ranges of data to analyze.

In the diagram you can also compare two of your variables together to spot any correlation (or not).
The charts can also view the trend for the variables and moving average (6 measures).

With the upgrade you can now also synchronize to and from your account at and export data to a file you can import into a spreadsheet for analysis.


  • SKU: 07350078460378
  • Upgrade Software Step 1
  • Requirements: Ketonix Basic and Ketonix App
  • Save, edit and analyze
  • Software upgrades are non-refundable and non-transferable

The upgrades are linked to your Ketonix account and not to your Ketonix device.





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