Diet, Basic Upgrade Step 2

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Diet - Basic Upgrade Step 2
Upgrade your Basic to have Professional functionality, this software module gives you access to all functionality within Diet.

It's easy to make meals that match your macros perfectly!It's easy to make meals that match your macros perfectly!
Diet - Basic Upgrade Step 2 Home tab (showing with Analysis upgrade).
The Diet tab contains guides of common tasks.
The Diet tab also contains a diet microblog
The Diet upgrade contains a Ketogenic Diet calculator to set your personalized macros.
The results from the Keto calculator are then used to create and/or adjust recipes to match your macros.
With the Diet - Basic Upgrade Step 2 it is easy to personalize meals to fit your macros.
The P:E calculator helps you to figure out macros when you want the body fat to produce ketones.
The Diet upgrade have your personalized meals handy, you log your meal macros by just a tap!
From your library of recipes it is easy to create menus.
Its easy to print tonight's menu!
Send your chef the cooking instructions!
Don't forget to send the chef the shopping list for the menu!
With all nutrients for the menu on the hand, it's easy to check if any supplements needed!

Diet - Basic Upgrade Step 2
Upgrade your Basic to have Professional functionality, this software module gives you access to all functionality within Diet.

With the diet upgrade you can easily calculate your macros. A ketogenic diet is designed to produce ketones and not have you
starving doing it. It is essential to get enough protein to supply your body with building material. The calculation of your macros
are done the same way nutritionists do for people having epilepsy.



 Once you have your macros, it is easy to compose meals that fit them. Built in are food databases from Sweden and US. There
is no "user submitted" foods, only verified food by institutions like the Livsmedelsverket and USDA. The meals you compose 
are saved in your library and can easily be viewed like shopping list, nutrition list or as a normal recipe with instructions.

An extra upgrade is available to import nutrition optimized recipes and fit them to your macros. This is a great way to get inspiration and
quickly make meals with high nutrition and ketogenic effect.

Another feature of the diet upgrade is the P:E calculator. P:E is the protein to energy ratio of a meal. This is a useful tool to have if weight loss is a goal and 
fat adaptation is achieved. Once one is fat-adapted, and hormones are signaling as designed, weight loss will decrease. The ketogenic diet wasn't designed 
for weight loss but producing ketones. Initial weight loss on a ketogenic diet depends on several factors such as hormone regulation being restored, less glycogen
that binds water, cells are not used to use fat directly and requires other fuel (ketones) instead of glucose. In the state of "fat adapted" one strategy is to let your
body use more from your stored energy than supplied. It can be done by: fasting, exercise and less supplied energy. However, it is vital to have the body signal
satiated signals (leptin). This is when a shift from much fat to less fat and more protein comes in. A higher percentage of protein will make you more satiated than
the same amount of fat, but with only half of the energy content. The result is you still get satiated signals, but body needs to use more of your reserves.

Above (left) is the P:E calculator. The P:E value is calculated when you add/modify foods in your recipes (middle & right).
What is noticeable is that the ketogenic ratio and the P:E ratio is almost opposite. When striving for weight loss, let your body
use more of the fat previously stored than the fat you just ate. Ketone levels will decrease a little as glucagon is triggered by
protein and cause release of energy from your liver, but the fat metabolized for energy will be indicated in your breath ketone levels.



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