Bluetooth® USB Adapter for Windows


Bluetooth® dongle for connecting to a Ketonix® Bluetooth® device when using Windows.

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Windows Bluetooth® dongle for connecting to a Ketonix® Bluetooth® device.

A library that the Ketonix® software is built upon needs features that are not supported on the Microsoft Windows platform. It is needed to have custom driver software. 
By using a Bluetooth® dongle and setting the driver for that dongle will solve the issue.
The driver software for this dongle can be replaced using the Zadig software. When this 
dongle then is inserted into the Windows computer, the driver will be loaded and used, 
and communication to the Ketonix® device up and running.

  • A Bluetooth dongle for Windows to communicate with a Ketonix® Bluetooth® device.
  • 128 bit AES encryption for a secure connection between the devices
  • Extra low energy consumption
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
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