Ketonix Battery - For people on the move

2600mAh capacity battery.
Input voltage 5V/1A
Output voltage 5V/1A
Input current 2600mah max
Output current 2600mah max
High quality EP Liion battery cells, safe and reliable, stable function, longer standby time, 500 times cycling charging-discharging capacity more than 80%.  
You can charge it in any state, just plug to charge. Built-in flow limited protective chip: over-charge, over-discharge, over-load and short-circuit protection.
The battery does not contain Hg, Pb and Cd.
It has an intelligent switch, which extend built-in battery life.


First connect the small end of the cable to the battery

Then plug in the large USB contact into a USB port

When it is charging, the top turns red.

First time it takes ages before charged. Leave it over night charging.

When it is fully charged it turns blue.