Demonstration of how to view charts
using the KetonixViewer software.

If you just purchased a Ketonix USB (2017) you should look in the manual click here

Below is a video of how to download, install, setup and take a measure (MacOS) 
click here to view the video 

and here is one video using windows 
Click here to view the video
The instructions below is for the previous version of the software. View the manual and watch the videos to see how its done using the new software.
The optional use of the Ketonix® Software enables their users to log their breath acetone and other metadata. The Ketonix®Viewer software is a separate software that enables the user to view one or more of the saved data in their locally saved data file. 

A great option for those who have a clinic with patients doing a ketogenic diet as complement to treatment. If patients using the clinic's ketonix devices, the data could easily be shared with the doctor/nutritionist. The doctor/nutritionist could then easily use the Ketonix®Viewer as shown in the below video.


Link to video on YouTube



​KETONIX® is a Non Invasive Class I Medical Device, registered at FDA (US) and Läkemedelsverket (SE).
KETONIX® is a Registered Trademark in US, Australia, Europe and other countries.
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