Ketonix USB Startup Package - 
Coaching Clients in Ketosis

A health care professional or clinic will get 20% discount when purchasing a pack of 5 pcs. A pack of (25 pcs) mouthpieces will also be included (value $50). Ketonix can also provide one online meeting with the health care professional(s) to educate in setting up and use the device.

Startup Package 5 pcs, Package value $995 Save $239 + one online “get started” session

Price $756 (+shipping)


The Ketonix Startup Package enables a medical health care professional (HCP) to follow and coach clients off clinic. Data from clients can easily be downloaded by the HCP and analysed.

The data can be a foundation for guidance on food composition and exercise combinations to achieve the personal goals for each client.

By using a Ketonix device, clients will be more motivated to stick to the ketogenic diet and can figure out what works for them. It’s invaluable to see how each body reacts to different foods or supplements and be able to avoid what’s not working.

Once your client works out what food and lifestyle changes works, the Ketonix could be returned to the HCP. The HCP can refurbish it so it can be used by a new client or alternatively it can be purchased by the client for further motivation and experimentation.

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