Repair Service for a KETONIX out of Warranty,
If your Ketonix device got broken or need service out of Warranty, you need to purchase this service!

Repair procedure:

Purchase the repair service in our webshop
A return label will be created and emailed to the customer (whenever possible)
The customer send the KETONIX device in need of repair with DHL Express using the return label,
if KETONIX AB cannot create a return label for the area, the customer will be notified and will need to post it back to KETONIX AB following instructions below:

Pack your device and cables in bubble wrap (NOT THE BATTERY, see NOTE), include the ticket conversation with support, the receipt for this service and send it to:

Ketonix AB
Attention: Support/Service & Repair
Borgasgatan 12
43237 Varberg

Declare a value of $10. We will not pay import duties for a product we produced which results in the product will be shipped back to you without service.

NOTE: No battery is to be sent back to KETONIX AB due to the very strict shipping rules on Lithium batteries.

KETONIX AB will attempt to repair and replace any faulty part. The customer will be contacted and
the repaired KETONIX device will be shipped back to customer with DHL.

5.00 USD
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​KETONIX® is a Non Invasive Class I Medical Device, registered at FDA (US) and Läkemedelsverket (SE).
KETONIX® is a Registered Trademark in US, Australia, Europe and other countries.
Ketonix AB is a Swedish Registered Company - VAT SE556443379401

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