The KETONIX® Link is a product that enables a user with a KETONIX® 2015 Blue/Red model or a KETONIX® USB model to connect to an app on a smartphone/tablet.
You only need this if you already own a previous model without Bluetooth® support. The KETONIX® Bluetooth® model have built in Bluetooth® support.

The KETONIX® Link DIY Kit comes without a required Raspberry® PI Zero W board. The Rasperry® boards are only available one per customer from Raspberry distributors. A list of distributors internet sites is provided in the "read more" section below. 

A perfect choice for anyone who is adopting a Paleo, Ketogenic or Low Carb diet and have a Ketonix@ 2015 Red/Blue or a Ketonix® USB model and wants to use a smartphone or tablet when determining level of ketosis.

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KETONIX 2015 Xtra Mouthpieces (25 pcs)
The KETONIX 2015 XTRA Mouthpieces are a great addition for a medical or healthcare professional who wants to demonstrate to their clients how to use a KETONIX 2015.
NB: Compatible only with KETONIX 2015 RED/BLUE

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Read about Ketosis and Ketogenic Diet, Healthy and Tasty!

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​KETONIX® is a Non Invasive Class I Medical Device, registered at FDA (US) and Läkemedelsverket (SE).
KETONIX® is a Registered Trademark in US, Australia, Europe and other countries.
Ketonix AB is a Swedish Registered Company - VAT SE556443379401

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