Expectations on level of Ketosis

Expectations on level of Ketosis

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When our expectations are met, we prove our theorys are right and we get the results that we want.


When our expectations are not met, is it the theory or result that is wrong?


The human body is very complex and smart when it comes to survival. Ketones is a replacement for glucose and is a preferred fuel for our brain. Other cells in our body are able to use glucose, ketones or fat as energy sources. Depending on availability they can adopt to use the source more efficient. A cell can more or less use either glucose or fat as direct source of energy. Other cells than the brain cell can use fat directly, the use of ketones are transient for those cells. After some time when carbohydrate availability is low, they get "fat-adapted" and become better at using fat directly. The liver is then mostly supplying the brain and heart with ketones. The glucose is spared for situations when it is needed.


Our fuel tank will shift from liver/muscle glycogen to intramuscular fat. Our "spare energy" will be used as a last resort. 


When our body is fat-adapted, the ketones we produce are destined our brain, heart. Most of our energy will come from intramuscular fat when energy consumption is low and we do aerobic activities. When our activities gets more intense and we need maximum power, our spared glucose is needed.


When the glycogen levels need to be "refilled", glucose are destined to them and body supports our cells with ketones until task is completed.


Its important to understand the adaptation, the levels of energy and what source that is used in different situations and adaptation phase. Using breath ketones is the only way to really see the level of ketone production. 

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