Measuring Breath Ketones

Measuring Breath Ketones

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Ketosis is not a on or off condition, the rate your liver produce ketones varies as much as your blood sugar. Ketosis can vary a lot depending on lifestyle and other factors. This course will give you information of how to perform a measure, and when the best time is to do it. It will also give you some hints of how you could interpret the results.

Breath ketones are directly proportional to how much ketones the liver produce.

The Ketogenesis lesson will explain what happens, and why breath ketones are a better indicator than blood or urine measures.

As the breath ketones (acetone) is heavier than air, the ketones are in the bottom of your lungs and
to make consistent measures, we recommend using a technique that eliminates as much variation as possible. Have a look at the Technique lesson!



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What happens when body use fat to provide ketone energy to your body. How and when to measure your breath ketones in a simple way.


Measuring Technique
When to measure.
Analyzing measures

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