Technique to get consistent measures

We have done thousands of breath ketone measures and developed a technique that will give you the most consistent results. 

By coaching hundreds of people, we have found the most common mistakes and how to mitigate them. Read carefully the instructions below and practice, it does not cost you extra to measure a few extra times, its a reusable device!



A common natural reflex is to breathe in before blowing into something, this is not what you want. Prepare yourself to not take in air when you put the mouthpiece to your mouth.

Woman taking air before exhale into Ketonix

Do the measure

Breathe normal ...

Breathe calmly for a minute and prepare to continue exhaling into the mouthpiece after your normal exhale through your nose.


Breathe out ...

Breathe out through your nose ...


then continue ...

without taking new air in, continue breathe out into the mouthpiece until you can't produce any more air out.


... remove device from your mouth and breathe again

Now when the last air from your lungs are exposed to the sensor, remove the device from your mouth and breathe again.

Let the sensor have a few seconds more to analyze.

Catch your breath and repeat this procedure two more times before you "Save" the value.

If the result does not increase, the previous result was higher.

When you click on "Save" the higest result is saved and the gauge resets.


Why Choose Us?

We use our product!

The founder of Ketonix have epilepsy and needed a tool to manage his ketosis. We who work here use a low-carb diet for health and stay focused, the Ketonix device enables us to tweak our lifestyle and optimize our performance.

Our Support is in Ketosis
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Our mission is to provide a simple, cost effective and painless method to know if your body is in ketosis and the strength of it. With the insight of your level of ketosis you could adjust your actions to increase/maintain your ketosis.

Ketosis is when your insulin levels are low and your liver starts to metabolize fat into ketone energy. When ketones fuel our brain we sense a high mental clarity and energy boost. Without the ability to get into ketosis when glucose and glycogen is low the human man kind would not exist.

Ketosis is not the the same condition as Ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is is a complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus. It's a life-threatening condition resulting from dangerously high levels of ketones and blood sugar


Ketonix® analyze your breath for the ketone named Acetone. Acetone is spontaneously released from the liver when ketone energy is formed.

The more fat that is mobilized into energy, the more Acetone in your breath.

Don't mixup breath ketones with blood ketones. Blood ketones are formed from excess ketone energy and could be converted back into energy at any time. In some situations one could say that they correlate, higher breath ketone level and you might find more blood ketones. Then add that your body could have issues both creating them and use them for energy, these factors makes it harder to interpret blood ketones. This is one of the reasons Ketonix® was invented, to indicate the strength of ketosis.

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