Bluetooth Connection

It is a Bluetooth® Smart device, you don't need to pair it before using the app. Currently the software support is for smartphones/tablets using iOS, Android and macOS.

The Ketonix® Bluetooth® can only be connected to one app at a time. If you are using Android, make sure it is not connected in the Bluetooth manager before starting the Ketonix app.

Here are videos of how to connect and use with a smartphone:


No Readings

  • Make sure you only run one instance of the KETONIX® software.
  • Make sure the software says the device is connected.
  • Check the sensor by using a drop or nail-polish remover (acetone) or a drop of wine on a cloth, hold the cloth to the mouthpiece ... you should get a high reading if the sensor works as expected.

If using the Ketonix Professional or Basic, you can do a hardware check. Contact and you get instructions.

High Carb Diet Testing

It is not intended with use of a high carb diet. The gas it may detect from someone using a high carb diet is methane. The methane is a bi product from bacterias breaking down carbs. If the bacterias are abundant and growing into the small intestine, methane comes from both ends. When using a low carb/ketogenic diet the carbs are very limited and won't affect the readings.

The Ketonix device is not a tool to hunt down high carb dieters!

Have a look at our e-learn videos.

USB Connection

  • Make sure you only run one instance of the KETONIX® software.
  • Check if the cable is broken: connect a USB memory to the cable, then massage the cable and see if your USB gets disconnected.
  • Try another USB port
  • Try another computer

Low Readings

  • Make sure your technique is ok Have a look at our article about using a good technique
  • It can take some days to see an increase in breath ketones depending on how large your glycogen storage is and your liver status, it is personal.
  • A measure after a 24 hrs water fast will for most people be a baseline for their breath acetone in nutritional ketosis. Getting into therapeutical ketosis might take a couple of days fasting.

Long Initialization

A long startup of your Ketonix device, is most probably a cuse of the power source used. Modern USB chargers vary the voltage and current to speed up charging. However it does not speed up the calibration of the device. The sensor becomes unstable and it takes a long time to initalize. Use a USB hub, computer or a power bank instead of a charger. Another cause for long initialization is smoke particles. They land on the sensor and makes it hard for the device to find a calibration point. Use the device in a smoke-free area.

Why Choose Us?

We use our product!

The founder of Ketonix have epilepsy and needed a tool to manage his ketosis. We who work here use a low-carb diet for health and stay focused, the Ketonix device enables us to tweak our lifestyle and optimize our performance.

Our Support is in Ketosis
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Our mission is to provide a simple, cost effective and painless method to know if your body is in ketosis and the strength of it. With the insight of your level of ketosis you could adjust your actions to increase/maintain your ketosis.

Ketosis is when your insulin levels are low and your liver starts to metabolize fat into ketone energy. When ketones fuel our brain we sense a high mental clarity and energy boost. Without the ability to get into ketosis when glucose and glycogen is low the human man kind would not exist.

Ketosis is not the the same condition as Ketoacidosis. Ketoacidosis is is a complication of type 1 diabetes mellitus. It's a life-threatening condition resulting from dangerously high levels of ketones and blood sugar


Ketonix® analyze your breath for the ketone named Acetone. Acetone is spontaneously released from the liver when ketone energy is formed.

The more fat that is mobilized into energy, the more Acetone in your breath.

Don't mixup breath ketones with blood ketones. Blood ketones are formed from excess ketone energy and could be converted back into energy at any time. In some situations one could say that they correlate, higher breath ketone level and you might find more blood ketones. Then add that your body could have issues both creating them and use them for energy, these factors makes it harder to interpret blood ketones. This is one of the reasons Ketonix® was invented, to indicate the strength of ketosis.

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