Breath Acetone


When using the software for the Ketonix, you can see in realtime the current level of detection. You can also save your measures to either or both a data file and on If you save it to you have a choice to anonymously submit your measures to be used for further development of the product and studies of how ketogenic diet affects different human variables. We do of course always recommend that you first talk and get approvement from your doctor and nutritionist before you do any change of your diet.

If you save your data on, the indications of acetone in your breath can be viewed in the new menu choice "Ketonix Charts" found in your user menu.

There are other charts such as meal data, exercise data and blood values. All this data can be submitted through the software and if you approve it can also help out in enhancing the product and maybe life quality for many other users.



If you specify a data file to save the values to, you could import it into popular spreadsheet software such as Numbers on Mac and Excel on Windows. A bit of sorting and charting and you could mangle your data as you wish.



The corresponding breath acetone concentration in PPM :







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